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Announced intention to discriminate

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It is illegal to display or publish certain kinds of discriminatory material. For the Code to apply, the item must be a notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other similar representation (such as a cartoon). It must show intent to discriminate or harass, or an intent to provoke others to discriminate or harass in employment, services or housing.

For example, a landlord distributes a button that states “do not rent to immigrants” at a community meeting on housing issues. This would be a public display of a notice that intends to promote discrimination against people in housing because of their race, ancestry, colour, ethnic origin or place of origin.

Otherwise, section 13 of the Code is not intended to interfere with freedom of expression. Newspaper opinions and editorials, for example, are protected under freedom of expression. While some forms of expression may seem distasteful and offensive, this is not discrimination under the Code.

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