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You have the right to be free from discrimination when you receive goods or services, or use facilities. For example, this right applies to:

  • stores, restaurants and bars
  • hospitals and health services
  • schools, universities and colleges
  • public places, amenities and utilities such as recreation centres, public washrooms, malls and parks
  • services and programs provided by municipal and provincial governments, including social assistance and benefits, public transit and policing
  • services provided by insurance companies
  • classified ads in a newspaper.

This section also applies to businesses, government, community agencies and other organizations in Ontario.

Services and age

You must be at least 18 years old to file a human rights application based on age under this section. Parents or guardians can file applications on behalf of children and youth under 18.

The Code permits special discounts for older persons,[2] “golden age” passes and other benefits for persons over 65 years old. Limits on selling tobacco and alcohol to people under 19 are also allowed.

Services and religion

You have the right to education, community and other services that respect your sincerely held religious practices and beliefs.[3]

[2] For more information, see the OHRC’s Policy on discrimination against older persons because of age (2007).

[3] For more information, see the OHRC’s Creed case law review at (2012), or the Policy on creed and the accommodation of religious observances (1996).


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