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Anti-Black Racism in Education: Call for Written Submissions

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The OHRC launched its What We Heard Report on anti-Black racism in education. To continue engaging in dialogue with other key partners and stakeholders in education, the OHRC is issuing a call for written submissions on concrete solutions to address anti-Black racism in Ontario’s publicly funded education system. The goal is to gather additional information including recommendations for solutions and action to empower and hold duty-holders accountable.

The OHRC plans to publish an Action Plan with findings, recommendations, and future actions for implementation, and will work with community partners to track and monitor progress. The anti-Black racism in education engagement will strengthen public understanding of racism as a critical human rights issue. The extensive engagement process is designed to connect with people with both past and present lived experience, and with organizations that work at the intersection of anti-Black racism and education.  



How to get involved

1. Read the Compendium of Recommendations and the Engagement Guide for an idea of what the OHRC is looking for (accessible versions below).

a. Compendium of Recommendations:

b. What We Heard Report

c. Engagement Guide

d. OHRC's Anti-Black Racism in Education Landing Page


2. Send us a submission: 

Send any written submissions through email at or by mail to:

Caroline Hill,
Ontario Human Rights Commission,
180 Dundas St W, Suite 900,
Toronto, ON M7A 2G5. 

3. Send us an email

Send any comments to:



What happens next – Public Outreach, Action Plan

Over the coming months, the OHRC will begin to engage in public outreach and key informant discussions with people with lived experience, various stakeholders in the education sector, and community and parent groups. The OHRC plans to publish an Action Plan report with recommendations and will work with community partners to track and monitor progress and implementation.  

If you are interested in speaking with the OHRC, please email