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Activity #3: The scope of the Ontario Human Rights Code

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Instructions: Tell students that they will now learn where and how the Ontario Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination. First, review the Preamble and ask them to keep in mind how the various parts of the Code you will be dealing with reflect its “intent” as expressed in the Preamble.

Distribute copies of Fact Sheet #1: “Scope of the Code” (Students' handouts). Students may work individually or in small groups. Have them read the information and encourage them to ask questions to ensure they understand.

Post chart paper with the following headings around the room:

  • Areas of discrimination
  • Prohibited grounds of discrimination
  • Exceptions to the prohibited grounds of discrimination
  • Other points

When they finish reading, have them complete the charts in their own words. Ask them to underline or circle key words or phrases. Review what they have written on the charts to help clarify their individual and collective understanding of the information.

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