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Can an employer ask for a driver’s licence, when I am applying for a job?

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The Human Rights Code says employers must not use application forms or ask questions of job applicants, which directly or indirectly ask them to give information about a “ground of discrimination”.  For example, asking for information about a driver’s licence, when it may not be an essential duty of the job, may prevent or discourage someone from applying for a job - such as a person with a disability who is limited in their ability to drive.  Also, asking a job applicant to provide a photocopy of their driver's licence would reveal information about the applicant's age,

An employer can ask about a driver’s licence if driving is an essential part of the job. Applications for these jobs may include a statement about the need for successful candidates to prove they have a valid driver's licence.  The statement could say something like:

  • I understand that if this position requires a valid driver’s licence, proof will be required after hire, or
  • Some positions require the successful candidate to have a valid driver's licence. The successful candidate would have to provide proof that s/he has a valid driver's licence when offered employment.

Some people are licensed to drive but, because of a disability, need to use a vehicle that has been modified. An employer would need to accommodate such a need, unless it would cause “undue hardship” to the employer.

For more information see our Policy on Requiring a Driver’s Licence as a Condition of Employment).



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