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Appendix G - OHRC guides, policies and guidelines

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The OHRC website ( is the most current and exhaustive source of information about the work of the OHRC. All OHRC publications are available on the website. This includes approved guides, policies and guidelines, consultation documents and plain language publications. Information can also be found on current OHRC activities. Bound copies of OHRC documents are available through Publications Ontario at 1-800-668-9938.

Guides, policies and guidelines 

OHRC guides, policies and guidelines are approved statements setting out how the Code will be interpreted by the OHRC and applied in dealing with human rights applications. The general public, human rights lawyers, community advocates and courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, often refer to them to clarify rights and responsibilities.

Also, the OHRC’s website contains many plain language documents relating to these policies.


Policies and guidelines:


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