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Poverty: connecting human rights, housing, municipal planning

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Better recognition of rights in Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy

In a submission to the Government’s review of Ontario’s Affordable Housing Strategy, the OHRC called for, among other things:

  • Linking social assistance rates to the real cost of rental housing
  • A portable housing allowance
  • An inclusionary zoning law to allow mandating affordable housing units within development projects
  • A requirement for municipalities to review their by-laws for discriminatory impacts
  • Yearly reporting on the rates of poverty and core housing need for disadvantaged groups identified under the Poverty Reduction Act – immigrants, women, lone mothers, people with disabilities, Indigenous peoples and racialized communities.

The Government updated its Affordable Housing Strategy and addressed several of these recommendations coming from the OHRC and other groups. The updated Strategy includes: a new vision for a province where every person has an affordable, suitable, and adequate home; a portable housing benefit framework; more investment in affordable and supportive housing, an inclusionary zoning proposal, and development of an Indigenous housing partnership strategy.

The OHRC presented the webinar “Human rights and planning: the Code and the Planning Act,” in partnership with the Ontario Professional Planning Institute.

Art exhibit commemorates International Day of Peace

Beginning on International Day of Peace (September 21, 2015), the OHRC hosted a special exhibit of renowned photographer Laura Jones’ Poor Peoples Campaign collection, which chronicled the historic 1969 march and campaign in Washington, D.C.

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