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The content of this report confirms that the current approach to human rights issues facing older persons in Ontario is unsustainable. Older persons in this province continue to face a wide variety of barriers that pose a serious affront to their human dignity and to their independence, security, full participation, and fairness. The issues identified in this Report raise significant human rights concerns to which the Commission and broader society must respond. The effects of ageism, when compounded by discrimination on other grounds (disability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.), heighten the need for action.

The Commission intends to take the first steps toward advancing human rights for older Ontarians by implementing the Commission Commitments contained in this Report. The Commission will implement these commitments with the hope that these efforts will serve as a necessary catalyst to change attitudes, policies and practices.

However, many of the recommendations made in this Report can only be addressed by the government and community partners. There is an essential role in this process for other actors to effect change. Therefore, the recommendations offered throughout this Report are an invitation to government, private and the non-profit sectors to take action and to ensure that the human dignity, independence, security, full participation, fairness and ultimately the equality rights of older Ontarians are protected and upheld.


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