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Human Rights and Rental Housing

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Learn about your rights and responsibilities in rental housing under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

This e-learning video is for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The module has been divided into five (5) parts including an optional quiz, and takes about 20 minutes to view. To begin, click on “Part 1.”

Thumbnail: Part 1, Rental Housing and the Code.
Rental Housing and
the Code: Part 1
Thumbnail: Part 2, Discrimination in Rental Housing.
Discrimination in
Rental Housing: Part 2
Part 3: Patterns of Discrimination.
Patterns of Discrimination:
Part 3




Thumbnail: Part 4, Landlords and Rental Housing.
Landlords and Rental Housing: Part 4
Thumbnail: Part 5, Review.
Review: Part 5


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