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Ontario Human Rights policies, guides and guidelines


Human Rights Project Charter: Framework of relationship between the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the Toronto Police Services Board and the Toronto Police Service (May 17, 2007).

Cross. T. L., Bazron, B.J., Dennis, K. W., & Isaacs, M. R. (1989). Toward a culturally competent system of care: Vol.1 A monograph on effective services for minority children who are severely emotionally disturbed. Washington, DC: Georgetown University, Child Development Center, Child and Adolescent Service system Program, Technical Assistance Center.

TPS Human Rights Project Charter Final Report, October 2010. Toronto Police Service Newspaper Insert. “Toronto Police Service: Committed to Fair & Equitable Policing,” May 2009. Includes article on “Partnering to enhance human rights – Human Rights project Charter.”

Photos: Ontario Police College, Toronto Police Service

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