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OHRC statement on Ministry of Education response to Right to Read report

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March 16, 2022

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On February 28, 2022, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released its Right to Read inquiry report on human rights issues affecting students with reading disabilities. The report includes over 150 recommendations.

The Ministry of Education’s (Ministry) response to the OHRC’s recommendations includes: aligning the elementary English and French language curricula with scientific, evidence-based approaches that emphasize direct and systematic instruction and eliminate the three-cueing system by September 2023; and collaborating with partners, including faculties, on professional development for educators. The Ministry also confirmed $25 million in funding for evidence-based reading intervention programs and professional assessments will be available in 2022–23. 

The OHRC is pleased with the Ministry’s immediate response. Throughout the inquiry process, the Ministry has been receptive to hearing from the OHRC. The Ministry’s announcement represents positive steps, which are aligned with key OHRC recommendations.

The OHRC will continue to monitor and review the steps the Ministry has announced. The OHRC will ensure that the Ministry and education partners implement other Right to Read recommendations, such as revising the Kindergarten program and universal early screening.

The OHRC is committed to working collaboratively with the Ministry, education partners and affected communities to ensure that the shared goal, to help every child realize their right to learn to read is achieved.