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Patterns of Discrimination

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Some people refuse to rent to families, young people or those receiving disability benefits. They use ads that screen out people they don't want. For example, saying "Adults only," "Not suitable for children," "A quiet building," ...can screen out families and children.

Wording like: "Suits professional couple," "Working people only"  ...can screen out lone parents receiving social assistance or people with disabilities.

Landlords must not ask questions that could lead to discrimination. For example, questions about income, rental, employment, or credit history, or a social insurance number can give information about race, place of origin or receiving public assistance.

Harassing or discriminating against a tenant creates a pattern of discrimination. For example: negative comments about someone's faith, a superintendent who won't make repairs because he doesn't approve of same-sex couples, policies that won't allow pets and keep out guide dogs, that won't allow a growing family to transfer to a larger unit or which restrict children from using recreational facilities like the swimming pool or party room can all be discrimination.

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