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Consultation paper: The changing face of Ontario - Discrimination and our aging population

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One of the objectives of this consultation is to solicit your views on a range of human rights issues faced by persons as they age.  The Discussion Paper Discrimination and Age: Human Rights Issues Facing Older Persons in Ontario (the “Discussion Paper”) contains a detailed discussion of these issues and identifies priorities for further action by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (the “Commission”) in areas that fall within its mandate under the Ontario Human Rights Code (the “Code”). 

This Consultation Paper focuses on the specific issues on which input is being sought.  It is the starting point for the Commission's consultation on human rights issues facing older persons.  There are two ways to participate in the consultation:

  • Individuals and organizations may make written submissions by November 1, 2000 about some or all of the issues identified below or on other human rights issues related to aging;
  • Those who are interested in making a presentation at the public consultation sessions must submit written comments by the November 1, 2000 deadline. The Commission will invite a cross-section of those interested individuals and organizations to make presentations at one of the November sessions. 

Further information about participation in the consultation is available at the end of this paper.

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